St. Johns Landfill Gas Recovery Project
Portland Oregon

GFA oversaw the design and construction of a landfill gas recovery system at the 220-acre St. Johns Landfill. The facility includes a 4000 scfm landfill gas compressor station and 9,600-foot 10-inch pipeline. Gas from the landfill is being utilized by the Ash Grove Cement Company in a lime recalcination process.

In order to construct the facility, 16 permits and approvals from over 10 regulatory agencies were required. The facility was constructed as part of a public/private partnership between Metro and Portland LFG Joint Venture, a partnership that has been formed that is responsible for the construction and which is able to take advantage of the alternative energy tax credits that are available.

Methane at the landfill is currently being produced at a rate of over 100 million Btu's per hour. Development of the project enables the landfill gas to be utilized productively and is reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the Portland airshed by over 20,000 metric tons per year. The energy that is being saved is equivalent to the combined demand of over 3,500 residences.

After evaluating LFG projects nationwide, the U.S. Environmental Agency - Landfill Methane Outreach Program selected the St. John's LFG project as the "1998 Project of the Year".

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