Anchorage Regional Landfill - Cell 1, 2 and 3
Anchorage, Alaska

Gerry Friesen, while working for HLA, prepared the landfill's initial site development plan, which outlines the development and landfilling sequence to be followed through closure. The conceptual design included a landfill operating plan and a plan for the future development of the leachate, landfill gas, and surface water management systems.

Following ADEC approval of the conceptual design, Mr. Friesen served as the designer and certifying engineer for Cell 1, 2, and 3. The projects included more than 3 million cubic yards of excavation which was used to construct a visual screening berm; a bird control system that limited birds to fewer than 25 on the site; and over 40 acres of composite liners to control leachate.

After opening and 2 years of operation, the landfill received SWANA's award for technical excellence.


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